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If you would like to write a story of impact about how libraries mattered to you or changed your life, we would highly encourage it! However, sending the pre-filled messages (which you can cut and paste below) is a great way to quickly and easily let politicians know that libraries matter and that there are millions of Americans that support libraries in the United States.

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Some key benefits of libraries include the following;

Libraries are an excellent and efficient use of tax money. In fact, for every dollar spent on them, libraries often return over $5.00 to the community that they support.

Libraries connect millions of Americans to the resources they need to free themselves from poverty such as employment training, skill building classes, financial courses, and adult education.

Libraries help entrepreneurs take their businesses from idea to reality through freely available materials on copyright and patents, marketing, manufacturing, legal issues, and access to high quality market research databases.

Librarians help people navigate and understand the information available in an increasingly digital world while providing access to high quality information through books, databases, and high speed Internet.

Libraries provide early childhood literacy initiatives and instruction to our nation’s youth that ensure their success in all levels of education.

I would love to see you support these great institutions and make sure that our citizens have the resources they need to improve their lives. Please restore and increase funding to libraries and urge your colleagues to do the same.